Right-of-Way Notice


NOTICE of Contractors in your area trimming and removing trees and vegetation near power lines.  Taylor County RECC Contractors Nelson Tree Service and Kendall Vegetation will be performing tree/vegetation maintenance near our power lines.

Taylor County RECC (TCRECC) maintains over 3,000 miles of lines and provides electric service to over 27,000 meters.   Tree Growth and other vegetation can interfere with the proper operation of power lines and prevent access to lines.  When either occurs, the reliability of service to you and other members is affected.  Our right-of-way maintenance program utilizes the contractors listed above for removing undergrowth in the vicinity of our power lines.  Single-phase lines are cleared at least 15 feet on either side (30 feet in total) and Three-phase lines are cleared at least 20 feet on either side (40 feet in total).  This area allows us to property access our wires and poles for inspection, maintenance and repairs.

Clearance within the right-of-way shall be accomplished by ground cutting all tree species, shrubs, brush, vines, etc. ground-to-sky within the right-of-way.


Does TCRECC have the right to access my property and cut down trees on my property?

Yes.  TCRECC is a non-profit, member-owned electric Cooperative and regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.    It has the right and obligation to maintain vegetation throughout its entire system of poles and wires.  Per the Kentucky Public Service Commission, 807 KAR 5:006 Section 19 states:

“The utility shall at all reasonable hours have access to meters, service connections and other property owned by it and located on customer's premises for purposes of installation, maintenance, meter reading, operation, replacement or removal of its property at the time service is to be terminated.”

Who decides whether TCRECC can cut down a tree in the right-of way?

The choice of how to trim trees and manage vegetation growth near a power line is made  by the electric utility (TCRECC).

Is this the same procedure and rules for other electric cooperatives in Kentucky?

Yes.  Coops have the right and the obligation to maintain vegetation for all of their members for public safety, reliability and proper access to lines and poles.

Does TCRECC remove stumps of trees cut down in the right-of-way?

No.  The TCRECC contractors (Nelson or Kendall) will clean up all limbs, unless the member wants it for firewood, but the stump will be left.