A deposit is required for any member or customer before electric service will be supplied. Consumer deposits shall be based upon actual usage history at the service location for the most recent 12 month period, if such information is available. The deposit amount shall not exceed 2/12 of the location’s actual or estimated annual bill. Accounts disconnected for nonpayment are subject to a deposit before service can be restored.

Deposits will be returned after two (2) years if the customer has established a satisfactory payment record for that period and the customer requests the refund.

Residential deposits retained for more than eighteen (18) months will be recalculated based on actual usage, upon the consumer’s request.

If recalculated, and the deposit on account differs by more than ten (10) dollars from the deposits calculated on actual usage, the Cooperative shall refund any over-collection and may collect any underpayment. Refunding may be made by check or by credit to the consumer’s bill.